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Anyone in business knows that attracting interest in your products or services is just the first step, and that one of the main secrets to longevity is repeat business. Even if you provide a great product, there is no guarantee that your customers will remember you, and come back for more. Here are three easy steps creating more repeat business.

1. Seek feedback from your customers and listen to what they say

In any business, the most important thing is to know what your customers want. Feedback enables you to find out what’s working and what isn’t, and to make any necessary changes.

Suggestions for getting feedback include:

  • Send out regular surveys to get your customers’ opinions. An online survey program (e.g. Survey Monkey) may be useful for this, especially if you don’t know where to start. Make sure to analyse your data to get a good picture of customer trends.
  • Make it easy for customers to make suggestions. Consider placing a feedback form on your website for customers to complete and to provide suggestions, desires or ideas. Other methods for this include inviting customers to leave suggestions on your social media page, speaking to customers in person about how you can assist them further, and conducting phone questionnaires.
  • Check out online customer reviews on your business.
  • Make sure to thank customers for their feedback and to ensure them you are listening, and to respond promptly and politely to complaints or negative reviews.


2. Stay in touch with customers

This step is really about building relationships with your clients. There are many ways to do this:

  • Keep track of your customers and their purchasing activities and likes / dislikes.
  • Keep in touch with valued customers through email, by phone, or by setting up fax to email, and contact them about specials or additional products that may interest them based on past purchases.
  • Send out regular e-newsletters with interesting news items, tips, specials and events.
  • Hold customer-only events to preview new products and services.
  • If appropriate, send your customers a message, card, or gift on their birthday.
  • Show a genuine interest in your customers that goes beyond what you can get from them.    
These days contacting customers can be done by phone, email, or email to fax, social media, SMS and other ways – so there are really no excuses for not keeping in touch!    

3. Provide a memorable experience

The trick here is to get the customer to remember the good experience they had and connect it in their minds with your business. This requires going the extra mile beyond the everyday.

Tips include:

  • Greet customers as they come in to your premises.
  • If clients have to wait assure them they are not forgotten.
  • Take the trouble to remember your customers’ first names, and address them accordingly.
  • Create a great repeat experience for customers returning to your business. This comes from a position of having listened to their concerns and desires. For example if a customer has requested a particular service which you’ve agreed to, contact them directly when it is available.
  • Develop a culture of care and kindness. Most people respond to love!

Taking the time to connect, listen, and make changes where needed can really set you apart from the competition, and even enable you to develop differentiated products or services which are not yet on the market. Listen to and connect with your customers – you’ll find they’ll be more likely to come back that way!

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