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Have you ever visited a business premises where the owner is brilliant at what they do, but their place of business is an absolute shambles? While having a great product, delivering on promises and forming good relationships are generally the most important factors in any business, for an enterprise to attract new custom and to grow and expand, it really needs to present in a professional light – especially these days with the stiff competition out there.

Professional presentation involves having good communication skills, professional-looking marketing materials and website, and a clean and attractive premises with well-presented employees. Even many car mechanic workshops these days are clean and bright, with workers wearing a nice monogrammed uniforms.

Here are seven tips for professional presentation in your business.

1. Well-trained employees

Ever gone into a shop where the staff don’t seem to have a clue? Make sure all employees who deal with the public in your business are well trained, and can offer detailed information about your products and services.

2. Great communication skills

This includes having a system for welcoming and greeting visitors and clients – whether face-to-face, by phone or online. This should be done in a friendly but business-like manner, and involve showing a willingness to listen.

3. A professional well-designed website

For many businesses, their website is the first point of contact for potential customers. Unless you have top-notch web design skills yourself, hire a professional to do yours – you will notice the difference! Using professional writers for your site’s content is also a good idea.

4. A dedicated email address

Keep your business email separate from your private one. Your emails should include your business logo, contact details and a link to your website. The same applies to sending and receiving faxes online. Make sure all your online correspondence is written in a professional manner – spelling and grammatical errors are definitely not a good look! (And if you want to know how to fax from a PC, it’s easy with a service like mBox.)

5. Professional written correspondence and marketing materials

Just as for verbal and online communications, correspondence such as letters and documents should be professionally put together and free of errors. The same applies for hard-copy marketing materials such as brochures – make sure yours don’t look like a fifth-grader put them together!

6. Quality photos

Occasionally, you might come across the profile of a professional person with a photo that looks like it was taken with their old mobile phone. Get yours professionally done – it will make a big difference.

7. Consider a uniform

Remember the mechanic’s workshop example mentioned above? A uniform is not compulsory and may not be necessary in your business, but could be worthy of consideration in some enterprises to make a positive statement and reinforce your branding.

How a professional image is good for attracting customers

A well-presented business is more likely to attract customers, and it shows you have pride in your enterprise and respect for your clientele. Even if you’re the best at what you do, sloppy presentation can let your business down, and turn customers away. Don’t ignore it if you want your business to grow and develop. 

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