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Using the cloud is rapidly becoming the norm for many SMEs. There are a number of ways that the cloud can make everyday businesses processes more efficient, including in the area of online file storage. Not only can online file storage help to de-clutter your office, it also means your documents are securely stored, and are easily accessible.

Helping prevent the loss of documents in your system

The cloud makes it easier and quicker to access documents and files. Your file or document is accessible anytime from anywhere that a secure internet connection is available.

It’s a good way to safely store vital documents and records, because it removes the concern about losing them in a disaster that affects your premises, such as a flood or fire.

Online file storage is generally considered to be very secure – possibly more so than your own office system depending on the back-up processes and security you have in place. All your files and data is backed up automatically in the cloud, and is always current.

Other benefits of online file storage

Here are a few other reasons why online file storage can work for your business.

  • It provides the capacity for people to collaborate on the same file from different locations, and enables business owners or employees to work remotely or when out on the road.
  • It frees up the space required for complex computer hardware, and physical filing cabinets, and shelving.
  • If you have limited office space and have needed to hire extra storage space for files, this may no longer be needed.
  • It removes the need to use more of your own office network for file storage, which can slow your system.
  • It reduces the need for server maintenance and for hiring consultants for computer repairs – which of course means lower costs.
  • It reduces the time needed to perform constant manual backups on your system.
  • It becomes easier to move premises if you need to.
  • It’s very flexible. Most programs offering online storage have free or low-cost starting plans that can be upgraded to suit your changing requirements over time.

Options for online storage

Examples of software for file storage include Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote and Microsoft OneDrive.

As well as online file storage, the cloud also provides options for accounting, time-tracking, online virtual meetings, and virtual faxing.

If you switch to online faxing with mBox for instance, one of the benefits includes the unlimited capacity for storage of your faxed documents. They remain easily accessible if you need to re-send a document, or refresh your memory on key communications.

And unlike a traditional fax, documents are not left lying on a tray for everyone to read – your communications are sent and stored securely.

Many SME owners are embracing the cloud. If you want to streamline your document storage, free up space and make sure your documents are secure and easily accessible, it’s worth considering the benefits of the cloud for file storage.

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