Advantages of Web Based Fax

Top 3 Business Advantages of a Web Based Fax Services

Traditional fax machines require a dedicated phone line and they only deliver faxes to a single location. This is why so many business owners are choosing to go with web based fax services. Business owners run into constant challenges: assisting customers, managing inventory problems, and trying to ensure your employees provide the level of service you have come to expect.

With this many challenges, web based faxing is usually the last item on a business owners mind, but it can help solve common challenges that you might be experiencing After all, do you see a pile of papers stacking up next to your fax machine? Are you tired of trying to determine where to store all of those faxes that you receive each week? Faxing from five different emails, lifetime fax storage, and fax previews before sending, are just three of the advantages of web based fax that our business customers love.

Faxing From 5 Different Emails

Faxing from email is very easy with web based fax. Simply address the email to (any-fax-number), attach the documents you want to fax, then click send. Before you know it there will be a confirmation email in your inbox. This ensures the fax was sent without any problems. Best of all, you can connect up to five different email address to a single web based fax account. This way multiple employees can send and receive faxes for your company. This is a major benefit over a traditional fax machine. Not only can you send and receive your faxes via email, but up to five different email accounts can be used on the same fax line.

Lifetime Storage of Faxes

When you receive a fax on a traditional fax machine it becomes your responsibility to archive those faxes. With a web based fax, however, you can keep all your faxes online with lifetime storage. This makes it easy to organize, search, and retrieve your faxes where and when you need them. Additionally, any fax can be easily forwarded to another party if needed. Using online fax storage, you don't have to print a fax before you can forward it to a third party. More and more companies are implementing environmentally friendly policies that reduce their paper consumption. Online fax storage with mBox™ is proving to be a very convenient and green feature that anyone can benefit from.

Preview Faxes Before Sending

With a traditional fax machine you're forced to send your fax blind. You load the page into the machine, enter the destination fax number, and click send. Hopefully, the page is properly scanned and transmitted, but you don't know what the final product looks like until a client calls to inform you that a blank page was just faxed to them. You can avoid blank pages or poorly formatted pages with the web based fax service provided by mBox™. That's because you can always preview your faxes before sending. This ensures the recipient gets exactly what you intended to send every time.