How to Choose the Best Internet Fax Service Australia Has To Offer

Faxes are horrible, at least the paper ones. If you have one in your office, you walk in the morning only to find stacks and stacks of faxes advertising new insurance companies, restaurant menus and all sorts of other junk that costs you paper and ink. Not just that, it has happened regularly that a confidential memo was faxed over, with the word "confidential" on top, only for it to be picked up by the wrong person and shared around the office water cooler by everybody. Luckily, however, another solution exists and that is offered through the best internet fax Australia has to offer. Basically, it combines email and faxes. And why not? Everything we use in this day and age is digital, so why are we still using paper and ink at all?

A Simple Idea - Internet Based Faxing

The idea is very simple. All you need is an internet fax provider, which will look after your fax machine. Anything that comes in gets assigned to your own number, which then goes to your inbox. It allows you to send faxes by using an email address for someone who is also using an internet fax option, or you can install software that makes it possible to fax to telephone numbers, for those who haven't moved on to internet faxes yet. It is so incredibly easy, free from any fuss or muss. Best of all, you don't have to install a fax machine, saving you paper, electricity, ink costs, machinery and time.

Why the Internet Fax Options in Australia Are so Great

There are loads of benefits to using internet fax services. First of all, everyone that signs up for it has their own private number. This means there are no more risks of those confidential pieces being discussed by everybody. There is no more need to stand hovering on top of the fax machine when you know something confidential is coming in, only to find that it came and was seen by everybody while you turned around for half a second. Furthermore, if you are away from your office, you will still be able to receive your faxes, as it works through an email service. Clearly, it makes a lot of sense to use internet fax services. The only question that will remain is which one do you choose? There are loads of providers out there and finding the right one is down to your own powers of deduction.

Questions to Ask to Help You Choose the Best Internet Fax Australia Has to Offer

The first thing you have to do is ask yourself how much faxes you want to send and receive. Different Australian internet fax plans have different limits on how many pages you can send and receive. Make sure you understand both your outbound and inbound needs, so that you can pick the plan that best suits them. Generally, there are plans suitable for heavy volume users, medium volume users and light volume users. Next, you have to think about whether there will documents that will require signing and faxed back. If this is the case, you may want to decide to have a conventional fax machine as well, or alternatively invest in a printer that is able to email. There are also multi-function printers that can fax, which could be another option. If, however, the vast majority of faxes you send are created on a PC, an internet fax service is going to be perfect for you. Most would agree that investing in a good scanner, if your printer doesn't include a scanning facility, is a better idea than having a physical fax machine.

Next, consider the fax number you need. For instance, you may need a number that is based in a different city. This seems trivial, but consistency can be incredibly important for a business that uses a lot of mobile workers, for instance. Also, you may have many customers in a specific area code and if your fax number starts with that, they can send you faxes for free. If you want to provide superb customer service, you could even consider investing in multiple phone numbers to support different localities.

Clearly, choosing an internet fax provider only has benefits. In reality, it would be strange to consider that faxing could not be made digital yet. We are all working towards having paperless offices; we are all on the go and want to stay on top of communication. Most printers have the option to scan documents should there be any need for non-electronic documents to be sent. When looking at it that way, there is really no need to still have a physical fax machine, to worry about the piles and piles of junk you receive, to worry about confidential pieces to get seen by hundreds, or to accidentally throw an important document away because it was stuck to a piece of junk mail.