Fax Numbers 5 Ways to Make it Easier for People to Send You a Fax

Reaching a diverse audience means making it as easy as possible for prospective customers to contact you. Although many people will find it easier to email, there are still large segments of customers who would prefer to print out materials and send you a fax.

Everything from contracts to invoices and more are faxed daily across Australia and internationally and the businesses that are receiving the most requests are those that make their fax number easy to find.  As you consider an internet fax service, first consider how you are going to make it easy for customers to find your number.

The challenge with most fax services is it can be challenging to determine which features will provide you the most benefit. With every service making it possible to send and receive a certain volume of pages, what else should you consider?

  1. Website – While it may sound obvious to have your fax numbers displayed on your website, many businesses don’t make it easy to find.  Instead of merely displaying your number on your contact page, consider including it in the footer of your website, customer support pages, and even making a fax cover sheet template available for someone to download to make it easier for them to communicate their needs.
  2. Business Cards –When you are selecting your fax numbers consider selecting different ones for your sales team as compared to your in-office staff.  Selecting unique fax numbers for different employee groups will allow you to put the most accurate information on your staff’s business cards.
  3. Social Networking – Existing and potential customers are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.  Make sure you let people know on your social presence that if they want they can certainly send you a fax message.  While this technology savvy group may be more inclined to send you a direct message, giving them an alternative demonstrates that you understand their need to reach you with their concerns and needs.
  4. Email Signature – Email signatures are a sure-fire way to increase visits to your website and increase your contact rates.  Display your fax number in your email and let people know that you can check your faxes more regularly as you use an online service! 
  5. Printed Materials – Brochures, sales letters, and postcards are likely being distributed on behalf of your business on a daily basis.  Take time to evaluate each piece of printed material and make sure that you have a clear call to action with the ability to send you a fax.  Make the contact information visible by bolding it or even increasing the font size to ensure that prospects know how easy it is to reach you.