Computer fax delivers savings immediately

Computer Fax Savings, Why an Online Fax Helps the Bottom Line

Investing in equipment is part of every business. Whether you are just starting your business or you have a few hundred employees it is essential to have equipment to accomplish your business goals. For some businesses this can mean having large manufacturing equipment, for others it can mean having a computer for each employee, and still others have a combination of the two. With the capital investment required for every piece of equipment it often becomes necessary to evaluate how useful that piece of equipment is and whether or not it is truly adding value.

One of the business machines that have evaded the scrutiny of evaluation is that of the fax machine. The fax machine has long been looked at as a piece of equipment that a business “must have”. It is rarely on the chopping block because nearly every business has a need to send and receive faxes on a monthly basis. While the need of processing faxes hasn’t gone away the reality is that the fax machine is no longer the best tool for the job. With new technologies, a computer fax can add needed leverage and even cost savings to a business.

To help you evaluate if a computer fax will save your business money over the next year, consider evaluating the following items:

  1. Toner Costs – An individual fax machine requires its own toner. Investing in toner can mean an expense of up to $100 or more each time it needs to be replaced. Depending on the volume of faxes that you send and receive toner costs can quickly add up. As you evaluate a computer fax solution consider the benefit that you can use your existing printing resources to print the faxes that you desire and that your printing volumes will be greatly reduced with each document being in an easy to read PDF format.
  2. Repair and Maintenance- An additional machine means additional maintenance items. Everything from paper jams to a board shorting out can prevent you from sending and receiving faxes. A single fax machine could result in a few hundred dollars of repair maintenance annually (depending on usage). Should you have a few fax machines you could be looking at thousands of dollars of repair and maintenance. With a computer fax solution you won’t experience any incremental cost in repair as it integrates easily into your existing computers.
  3. Fax Line Charges – This is a tough one to evaluate for many businesses. With phone bills getting longer and longer it can be challenging to even determine the monthly fax line charges you are incurring. Take time to evaluate your phone bill by your fax number to understand the exact charges. With most computer fax services you get a certain volume of pages included as part of your fee (anywhere from 100-150+ pages) and then it can be as low as .10 a page to send additional pages. Evaluate your current fax line charges against an online service to determine how much you can save. Changing to an online fax service can often result in saving a few hundred dollars annually just in fax line fees.