Computer Fax Tools to Help You Work More Efficiently with mBox™

The traditional fax machine has enjoyed its place within the business environment but as companies look to save costs it is clearly one of the items that can be eliminated. After all by disposing of a fax machine a business can reduce the cost of a dedicated fax line and the need to service another piece of equipment.

Computer Fax Tools to Help You Work More Efficiently

As more business owners make the move from using a traditional fax machine to using a computer fax they inevitably are looking at how they can get the most from the change. Beyond the simple aspect of no longer having to get up from your desk to send and receive faxes consider the software that can help you save even more time.

  1. eFax Messenger® - With the eFax Messenger® application you have a fully functional fax machine right on your computer! It gives you the ability to view your faxes, send and receive faxes, make notes, highlights and even use your signature stamp. You can even convert .efx documents to PDF’s. Even more importantly as soon as you receive a fax the messenger can notify you instantly. Many of the functions that you would normally have had to print paper for can be done seamlessly with the messenger application.
  2. Microsoft Word – Office applications to type up documents and invoices are essential and being able to fax directly from the application saves you time. With the latest eFax® app for Word you can fax directly from the application.
  3. PDF Viewer – With the eFax Messenger® you don’t have to have a PDF viewer; however, you may want to store your faxes locally along with other PDF documents. To allow for easy viewing of any PDF on your machine consider downloading a free PDF such as one from Adobe.

Being able to review documents as you receive them, send faxes directly from existing applications and reducing the volume of pages that you have to print will help you to use your new computer fax as a valuable tool in your business.

Now that you can see how you can use your computer as a fax, we invite you to try online faxing today. Discover how email faxing can help your business today. You can start, absolutely FREE, with our mBox™ trial account and bring the power of an internet fax directly to your computer in minutes.