How to Convert a Fax to Email

If you’ve relied on the trusty fax machine for most of your working life, it might seem fanciful to think of faxes zipping around the globe via laptop and mobile phone.

But it’s true – you no longer need the fax machine in the corner. The age of virtual faxing is here, and it’s a simple process to convert your office to faxing by email.

How to set up your virtual fax

It’s a very straightforward process.

  • Swift activation. Send and receive faxes as soon as your account is activated.
  • Your own fax number. Be assigned a fax number solely for your use. This will function as a traditional fax number when others want to fax you.
  • Number selection. Choose a number from thousands of cities all over the world, and have multiple fax numbers assigned to your mBox account.
  • Multiple email addresses. Receive faxes on up to five email addresses at a time.
  • Add in eFax Messenger. This is a free application to enhance viewing of your faxes. This can be downloaded for free on the mBox website.
  • Apply online or by phone. There’s minimal fuss and surprisingly low cost.

How fax to email works

Once you’ve moved to online faxing, let’s look at the way it works in practice and how you can convert a fax to email.

  • It’s ready to go from the off. No setup or installation of additional hardware or software is required to start sending and receiving faxes by email from your laptop or smartphone. All you need is email and an mBox Plus account.
  • Sending and receiving. When sending, you add to the recipient’s fax number, then attach the document to the email and press send. When receiving, the fax appears as an attachment in your email, which you can then forward, organise or store.
  • Digital storage. Store emails in your online fax archive, and retrieve at will.
  • Access your messages in two ways. Either view them through your email or log in to your mBox Plus account and retrieve faxes through the eFax message centre.
  • Select file format. Choose to have messages delivered to your email inbox in one of three different file formats – PDF, EFX or TIFF. You can easily specify this through your account preferences.
  • It’s so simple. Your eFax number works just like any other fax number. Anyone can send you a fax from anywhere in the world, without having to have an mBox account themselves.

Advantages of email faxing

Still need a little convincing? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Never lose a fax again. All your faxes can be stored in your online fax archive.
  • No sharing. No more calls interrupted by incoming faxes, or faxes which fail when the phone rings.
  • Be secure. With confidentiality well under control, your private faxes can remain private and accessible only to you.
  • Save money in several ways. You no longer have to buy ink cartridges and reams of paper, or face costly service and repairs for your old fax machine.
  • Get mobile. Now you can fax to and from anywhere in the world, from any device with an internet connection – freed at last from the office machine.

So there you go – it couldn’t be easier. What’s stopping you from switching to a virtual fax system?