Digital Communication Solutions for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents work in an industry with fierce competition, long hours and fast turnover. Staying in touch with clients and your office can mean the difference between making a sale or not. With everyone is pushing for faster and more efficient communication, here are two smart digital communication solutions for real estate agents.

The smartphone is king of communication

The most important communication device is the smartphone. Smartphones have evolved to being the place where we do our banking, shopping, even our tax. There is an app for everything, including one for one of the most important communication devices for real estate agents – the fax machine.

Fax machines used to be tied to a fixed phone line, required paper and maintenance and constant monitoring for new arrivals. The amount of time and effort that went into meeting the fax machine’s needs meant that office staff were in effect working for the machine rather than the other way round.

But with digital technology, it is now possible to send faxes from a PC, laptop or smartphone without the need for a dedicated fax line or special software. Fax to email is a digital solution to faxing that uses a virtual fax number from mBox. These virtual fax numbers behave just like a fax number, and they use your email browser as the interface.

A fax is created by opening a new email, addressing it to a recipient’s fax number plus, then sending it as a normal email. With attachment sizes up to 1GB and free cloud storage so that you can retrieve faxes if needed, there is no need for a fax machine.

The communication applications for real estate agents are obvious – if an agent receives a request for a document when they are with a client viewing a new property, they can take a photo of the document and fax it from their smartphone using the mBox app. On the other hand, documents can be faxed to their email just as if it were a fax machine.

Staying in touch – and advertising for free – on social media

There are other digital solutions that your smartphone offers – video conferencing, Facetime, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook – real estate agents are even using Instagram which allows not only images, but short videos of properties to be uploaded.

The reason for all these forms of digital communication? Each one is used by a different demographic, so depending on the property you can reach a buyer faster by advertising it on the medium they are more likely to use. Social media is perceived by younger people as being more genuine than an advertisement or comment on a real estate website.

By using digital solutions like virtual fax machines to stay in touch and using the advertising possibilities of social media, real estate agents can have a competitive advantage.