Email Faxing and Fax Storage for Real Estate Documents

Being a real estate agent or property manager is a fast-paced job, and you’re likely to spend a lot of your time outside the office, meeting clients, inspecting properties and doing paperwork on the run. This is now easier than ever before thanks to technology such as the cloud.

One of the most important tasks that has been made simpler by advances in technology is faxing. Where once you might have needed to head back to the office to fax clients important information, now all you need for email faxing and fax storage for real estate documents is your laptop or smartphone and a virtual fax service. It’s a fax machine in your pocket, which can be used wherever you are, exactly when you need it.

Email to fax made simple

The online fax service provided by mBox works with a virtual fax number that you use as you would a regular fax number through your email browser on your laptop. That’s because mBox is an email to fax service, which piggybacks your faxes on your emails.

To send a fax, you create a new email and put the recipient’s fax number in the ‘To’ field followed by When you hit send, the email delivers your fax to the recipient’s fax machine. Incoming faxes arrive in your inbox as attachments, without the need for any special software. mBox lets you send faxes of up to 1GB, much bigger than your email provider would allow, because the fax isn’t being sent in the traditional way, it’s being sent over the internet.

Don’t have your laptop at hand? Use the mBox app, powered by eFax, to send documents from your smartphone. You can even take a photo of a document with your phone and send that directly from the app, and use the same functionality to take a photo of your signature to affix to documents before you send.

Free fax storage in the cloud

Part of the problem with real estate documents is that they need somewhere to be stored. Office filing cabinets are filled with old leases and titles and if you need to consult these, you have to visit the office in person. But with the virtual fax from mBox comes free cloud storage for your documents in PDF, TIFF and EFX formats. So as long as you have your smartphone and an internet connection, you can access the cloud archive, and retrieve the real estate document and even fax it again if needed.

There’s no need to print documents before you fax, you can operate a paperless office from wherever you are. You can send faxes interstate or overseas without the costs associated with long distance call connections. If you need to resend, a copy of the fax is right there in your ‘sent’ folder, or if it’s stored in the cloud it’s only a click or two away.

Mobility is a big plus when it comes to real estate; the ability to send and receive documents no matter where you are is key. With a virtual fax machine from mBox, you are free to go wherever your business leads you.