Email to Fax Australia

There are an estimated 294 billion emails sent daily. This volume of emails allows people to communicate with ease. Whether it is sharing important information with your customers or sending photos to a family member email allows us to communicate with greater efficiency.

Although email has helped us share information with greater speed many businesses haven’t utilized email for their faxing needs. Sending an email via fax has not often been considered as many people still feel they have to have a dedicated machine for fax. With the ability to make your computer a fax or use an online service, there has never been a better time to consider using email to fax.

If you haven’t considered using an email to fax service before, consider how the following benefits could help your business.

Mobility, Send and Receive Faxes Anywhere

The majority of smart phones today give you the power to check your email. You might use a traditional business email or even a free email service, like Google’s Gmail but if you are only using it to send traditional email messages, you are missing out!

As you consider an email to fax service, not only should you be able to send an email from your phone to send a fax, you should also be able to send a fax through an App. For example, whether you have an mBox™ account or even an eFax® account there is a phone app that you can use to easily send faxes from your phone.

With the added mobility of faxing from your phone or anywhere online, no longer will you have to wait until you return to your office to review or respond to faxes.

Storage of Past Faxes

Next to most fax machines is a pile of papers. You will find a mix of confirmation pages, junk faxes, and even faxes that were received but misplaced. With an email to fax service you can store faxes digitally for easy retrieval later. In fact if you find a fax you need you can easily send that fax to another party.

Make sure to evaluate the storage capacity of any service as not every service allows you to store all of your faxes easily. With an mBox™ paid account you have unlimited storage. Just imagine being able to quickly access any past fax in minutes!

With the ability to easily retrieve past faxes and send and receive faxes from anywhere the increased mobility you will gain, will help you focus more time on your customers.