Email To Fax: Why It Matters To Your Business

With the accessibility of virtual and mobile solutions such as emails, text messages, online messaging and cloud storage, people have long bid their fax machines goodbye. Or did they? The fact is, fax messaging is still considered a highly useful and relevant system for many businesses today. Many business organizations throughout Australia continue to use fax for their daily operations and for connecting with their contacts. Developments in technology, however, are changing the way fax messaging is being utilized all over the world.

For businesses dealing with a lot of official paperwork such as contracts, paper forms and questionnaires, faxing won’t ever be obsolete. Some of the biggest fax users are insurance companies, legal firms, government agencies and manufacturing businesses, because they need a system to ensure that the constant receipt and delivery of documents are verified and confirmed by all parties every single time. They have used fax for so long that most of them seem to accept the inconveniences that usually take place in the system, such as jammed paper, busy signals and threats to data security.

Fax Innovations Help Save You Time

Thanks to the latest fax innovations, however, businesses and organizations can now continue to experience the benefits of fax messaging without the headaches it may bring. Email to fax messaging integrates two of the simplest and most efficient forms of message sending and delivery into one innovative solution. The calling party sends you a document using the traditional fax machine to your email to fax number. You will then receive a traditional fax in PDF, TIF, or EFX format through a dedicated email account. The same process is used when you’re sending out a fax. You can send a document via email by simply entering your recipient's fax number in the field provided. Your contacts will then be able to receive the document you sent from their fax machine.

An email to fax solution is perfect for the mobile, global professional. You’re no longer tied to the machine — send faxes by logging in to your account, from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to print and scan the pages you need to sign — all you have to do is use a digitized signature in the document. It’s also a great solution for people and offices who want to go green — email to fax systems do away with papers and toners and the machine’s use of electricity, making it a truly eco-friendly way to communicate. Moreover, all the faxes you send and receive are stored forever, helping you manage, archive and organize your data efficiently.

With email to fax solutions, communications and data storage have become remarkably much more efficient, secure and affordable.