Key Tips to Increase Customer Contact Rates with Email to Fax

The last thing any business wants is for customers to visit their site and leave frustrated because they can't figure out the best way to get in touch. In the past, it might have sufficed to leave a generic email address, but now customers want to have every communication means available to them. Depending on the customer's preferences and the question they have, they'll want to contact you in different ways. To make their lives easier, as well as increase customer contact rates, providing email to fax should definitely be on your list.

Email to Fax Makes Communication Easy

Having your company's email address and phone number clearly visible on your site is important, of course, but there's more you can do to ensure your customers have every possible communication channel available. Email to fax is yet another channel. Because it takes advantage of the convenience of email coupled with the reliability of faxing, email to fax is an easy means of communication that ensures your customers can always get through to you.

Why is email to fax so easy? All it requires is creating a new email, attaching the documents you want to fax, and sending it to [email protected] You and your customers can attach any kind of file type—mBox™ will convert it to a fax-readable format and send it directly to the receiving fax machine. Its fast, it's easy, and there's no worrying whether the fax got through; mBox automatically saves all fax data in our cloud servers so that you aren't stymied by a busy fax machine or lost connection. The best part? It works both ways! mBox™ gives you a personal fax number that customers can send to, and it converts their documents to an email that goes straight to your inbox.

Happier Customers with Email to Fax

There's no technical knowledge required, and no time wasted when you use email to fax. It not only makes your business operations run smoother, but it also gives your customers the peace of mind that they can send documents, invoices, receipts directly to you with no hassle. When you want your customers to have every possible means at their disposal to contact you, then email to fax is a convenient and problem-free solution.