Why mBox is the Best Online Fax Solution

Determining the best online fax service for your business can be a challenge. There are many review sites that attempt to compare services; however, with the changes that occur with each fax provider many of the review sites can become out of date.

The challenge, even with the review sites, is that the “best” fax service is determined by a third party. With each business having different goals and requirements the one “best” service may not work specifically for your goals. Before you decide to make the move to online faxing, consider asking yourself about features and costs that will help you to determine which service is best for your business.

Evaluating Best Online Fax Service

15 Questions to help You Determine the Best Online Fax Service

  • How many fax pages do I send each month?
  • How many fax pages do I receive each month?
  • Does the volume of faxes I receive necessitate having unlimited online fax storage?
  • Do I need to print the volume of faxes that I currently receive?
  • How much does my fax line cost me each month? Local fax rates? International fax rates?
  • Do I send international faxes?
  • How much have I invested in my fax machine?
  • How much do I spend on supplies for my fax machine (i.e. toner, drum, etc)?
  • How many people need to check the received faxes?
  • How much paper do I use for the fax machine?
  • How much time do I (and staff) spend sending, receiving, and checking for faxes?
  • Do I need to fax from my mobile phone?
  • Do I need to fax via email? Or only fax online?
  • Would I like web fax software for my computer? Or do am I OK with using only online software?
  • Do I need a fax number for each metro area in Australia?

While some of the items (i.e. cost of your fax machine supplies) may be challenging to locate you will be happy to identify each item as it will help you to enjoy the right online fax service for years to come. By answering each of the above questions you will be able to put together your own list of features that will help you to determine the best online fax service for your business.

As you have answered the questions above, we invite you to try mBox™ today where you will be able to enjoy great international fax rates, unlimited online fax storage and web fax software that you can use online, from your mobile phone and your computer.