Fax Throughout Australia with Low Rates

Discover the ease and affordability of using an online service to fax throughout Australia – from Sydney to Perth and everywhere in between – from the convenience of your Internet browser. Forgo the expense of renting or purchasing your own machine or carrying a dedicated phone line.

Take advantage of today's latest communication technology with secure document sharing for just a few dollars a month.

Send and Receive Faxes Anywhere in Australia Using Secure Online Services

Faxing sensitive documentshas several benefits over emailing or sending them by post. First and foremost is enhanced security. When sent by email, it's easy for interlopers to access your files. Whether you've included personal identification or financial information, you don't want to leave yourself at risk emailing sensitive documents. Secondly, of course, is the overall expense. The alternative to email or fax (while maintaining a similar level of security) is sending paper letters by post. However, when expedited, these services can get very expensive.

When you send faxes to Australian businesses and organizations, you save time, money and ensure the privacy of your personal information. It's also makes you easier to work with than someone who cannot send faxes, requiring the businesses to rely on postal mail for document processing. Thankfully, sending these documents by fax can be quick, easy and affordable online without the use of your own system.

Send Faxes in Australia or Internationally Using Affordable Internet Options

Unfortunately, sending faxes can get expensive when you pay for dedicated on-site fax lines and equipment, or even when sending them on an as-needed basis. For example, many stores and hotels provide this business service for what they describe as a small fee. However, smart consumers know that online faxing services will provide the same benefits – while offering you complete control over your document – for a significant amount less. For less than it would take to send one fax, you can have access to a monthly internet faxing plan.