How to Fax From Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have become an indispensable tool for business. Most people now send and receive emails through their smartphone, which is linked to their desktop-based email account. There is no longer any rushing back to the office – you can communicate from the road. Now, you can also harness the power of your smartphone to send faxes as well.

So how to fax from your smartphone? Online fax provider mBox lets you choose a fax number, then associates that number with your email account so you don’t pay for a dedicated fax line. When you want to send a fax online, you create an email and attach the file you want to send as a PDF, TIFF or EFX (a compact fax document). Address the email to the recipient’s fax number plus, and send just as you would a regular email.

Smartphones have another attribute that makes them even better for faxing than your computer.

Fax from your mobile with the mBox app

Every smartphone has a camera built in, and with the mBox powered by eFax app you can use your phone to take a picture of a document, then send it using email to fax. This kind of mobile capability would suit salespeople or real estate agents who may be out on the road and not able to make it back to the office. With the mBox app for Android or iPhone, you can send copies of contracts and other time-sensitive documents to clients and colleagues with the touch of a button.

You can add a cover sheet and a subject line, just as with an old fashioned fax, so that recipients still using a fax machine will receive it in a familiar format. When they want to fax you back, they simply dial your virtual fax number and send the fax in the traditional way – it still reaches your mobile phone.

The benefits of turning your mobile phone into an office

The advantages of having a virtual fax machine in your pocket mean savings for you and your company. Imagine an office without power-hungry machines that take up space and need to be constantly fed with paper and toner. Imagine a fax machine that doesn’t jam and doesn’t require the services of a technician – and more expense.

Faxes may have been around for fifty years, but they are still evolving. The concept behind them – an exact copy of an image or document transported over a carrying service – is still the same.

But with advances in digital technology like smartphones, it became possible to conduct most of your business – phone calls, emails, reminders and scheduling, off one device. mBox’s internet fax service means another function can be added to the smartphone, giving you the freedom to send and receive faxes from anywhere.