Fax Machine Alternatives Can Help You To Save Today

Fax machines were designed to communicate essential printable information.  Everything from communicating a simple message to submitting an order for purchase has been done via fax.  Even before the age of computers fax machines have long dominated office environments.  Their ability to communicate a message that can be shared among an office staff was unmatched…until recent years.

The rapidity that technology has been adopted with lately has meant that now fax machines are being evaluated to see IF they are still necessary in the work environment. As fax machines require additional maintenance, supplies, space, and even a dedicated line it’s no wonder that more businesses are evaluating HOW they can accomplish their goals without the machine that’s been considered “necessary” for so many years.

To replace your machine today, consider the following alternatives:

  1. Email to Fax – When your recipient needs to receive a fax, this is the best solution.  An email to fax service allows you to use your traditional email service and it routes your email to the destination fax machine.  Along with being able to send faxes to recipients through email you will also be able to receive faxes in this same method.  No need to check the machine in the corner as faxes would route directly to your email.  mBox™ is an example of an email to fax service that you can put into action today.
  2. Scan to Email – If you don’t have the need to ever send or receive a fax then you don’t need a fax service.  With many smartphones and computers you can scan the documents you need to send to someone and send them via email. 
  3. Courier Services – You might just need to send a document across town, why invest the money in a fax machine for such a simple task?  To save yourself time and still accomplish the goal of getting key documents transported you could use a local courier service.  If you are only sending a few documents monthly or very irregularly this can be a cost effective solution for many small businesses.

Eliminating a machine that has been an essential part of your office for many years may at first seem challenging.  With the above alternatives in mind you can quickly discover how a small change can help you to start saving today.