Send a Fax Online

Even with the power of email there are still countless situations that require a fax machine. Whether it’s a contract or one of your vendors who needs to send over the latest invoice it seems that no matter what technology becomes available, faxing is a necessary part of doing business.

Of course for many business owners they still have been plagued dealing with the same tired fax machines. They spend countless hours researching digital fax machines, evaluating which ones have a useful phone, and comparing each brand to find out which features are most important. Sadly, after all of that analysis, many business owners still spend upwards of $400 on a fax machine and then they still have to invest in a dedicated fax line!

For those business owners that perform additional research while consider investing in a fax machine they usually run into the following challenges:

  1. Additional capital investment
  2. Adding a line dedicated to the fax
  3. One more machine to find room for
  4. Trying not to buy a fax machine that is “outdated” the moment it’s purchased
  5. How to get the fax machine to work with your current computer

While faxing is certainly a necessity, no longer do you have to have that same bulky old fax machine taking up valuable space! New technology allows you to add the power of faxing directly from your computer, without downloading software or even having a new phone line installed.

How mBox Works

With mBox™ our innovative technology allows you to quickly and easily send and receive faxes from your computer. No need to find room for another machine or worry about what toner a new fax machine might require, you can get started in minutes.

Just imagine opening up nearly any document on your computer and sending a fax. Whether you use our online portal or our powerful messenger you can send a fax in minutes. The only item you need to get started is an email address.

When you sign-up with our Online Fax Service will get your own Fax Number, where you will be able to receive and send faxes from anywhere that you have access to a computer.