Generate More Customer Inquiries by Maximizing Exposure for Your Fax Number

Fax number contact

Do you ever wonder why a client would choose to send documents to your company when you have a perfectly good fax service? The answer may simply be that you haven't shared your fax number with your customers. Many businesses overlook their fax number when they create new marketing materials. This is like omitting your phone number, email address, website, or address from these materials. If you don't let customers know how to contact you then you shouldn't be surprised when they don't.


Every website should have a contact section that lists the company mailing address, phone number, email address, and fax number. The most important contact information should also be in the header or footer of your website. This will encourage customers to contact your business. Prominently listing your phone and fax number lets customers know your company and staff members are accessible to customers.

Business Cards

Everyone has a business card with their name, phone number, and address. However, few people include a fax number. This can be a costly omission when you want customers to use your fax more than the post office. Rather than flooding your mail with documents and waiting days for their delivery, you should consider replacing your address with your fax number. You address is only required when a customer needs to mail documents or packages to your office. More often, customers will send documents to your office and not packages. It's much easier to send documents via fax than through the post office. It's best to design your business cards with all your contact information including your address and fax number. However, if one of these simply must go it should be the address and not the fax number.

Email Signature

Why should your customer have to look up your contact information when they just received an email from you? It's very easy to setup an email signature that is automatically included with every outgoing message. This signature should include all your contact information in an accessible format. Not only should you have your fax number listed, but also your name, business name, title, phone number, address, email, website, and all social media contacts. Any way a customer can contact you should be included in your email signature so customers don't have to look too hard to find a way to reach you.