questions about internet fax numbers

Fax Number Common Questions As You Move to Online Fax

Most business owners are used to the traditional process of getting a fax number. They call up their phone provider, reserve a number, and then wait for someone to come out and install a new phone jack that will enable them to set up their fax machine. The process of acquiring a new number and then actually being able to use that number for business can often take weeks! In today’s world, where there is no time to waste, you can’t afford to take weeks just to set up a fax service.

Before you jump into the world of an online fax service, consider some of the questions that we have been asked by business owners who wanted to know the core differences related specifically to acquiring a fax number with an online service.

Will people know my number is an online fax number?

No, an online fax number won’t reveal any differences to people that you send faxes to or when people send you faxes. Our innovative software makes it a seamless transition for both sending and receiving faxes.

Once I select a number, how long do I have to wait to send and receive faxes?

With no dedicated fax line that has to be installed you will be able to send and receive faxes immediately upon activation of your account. Once you complete the signup process you will receive confirmation of your number and a pin to access your account giving you the ability to start faxing.

Will the number I select work with traditional fax machines?

Yes, the fax number you reserve will work with traditional fax machines. By using our email feature, mobile phone application, or our online portal you can easily send faxes to any fax machine around the world.

What if I want more than one fax number?

You can have multiple fax numbers assigned to your account. In many business situations each individual employee requires a fax number and our online service makes it easy to add numbers and for individuals to send through their number from their computer.

How many numbers are available for me to choose from?

We have a large inventory of fax numbers available for you to choose from. Our system can help you search for available numbers by city or by area code. To help you quickly find a match of the right number we return six unique fax numbers at a time and with a single click of “See More Numbers” we will provide you six more for your review.