Use Your Fax Number with Powerful Online Tools

Evaluating a fax machine is done by comparing the cost per copy, scanning ability, the volume of numbers that can be stored in memory and cost.

Looking at features for a traditional fax machine is great when it comes down to determining what to buy, but those features won’t help you get the most from your fax number.

With an online fax service you have access to a much wider range of features. There are features that increase your mobility and make it easier for you to do business via fax. Evaluating each feature is essential as you consider the fax number that is best for your business.

Here are just a few ways how you will be able to get greater use from your fax number:

Email to Fax

Getting up from your desk to see if a fax arrived wastes valuable time. With an online fax number you won’t have to get up from behind your computer. Faxes can arrive directly in your email literally transforming your computer to a fax machine. You can quickly send and receive faxes just as easily as you would write an email.

Mobile Faxing

One of the biggest challenges with a traditional fax machine is it is relegated to your office. Should you want to send a fax while out of the office you would have to find a store and then often pay upwards of $1.00 per page just to send your documents! With an online fax number you have the ability to send faxes directly from your mobile phone. You can quickly scan documents with your phone and send them on their way. The ability to fax on the go gives you added flexibility and enables you to reach more of your customers with ease.

Online Storage

The mess of papers next to a fax machine makes it challenging to everyone to find important documents. Unfortunately the stack of received faxes and confirmation pages can cause important information to get lost. With an mBox™ fax number you can store all of your faxes digitally. With no limit to the volume of past faxes you can store you will easily be able to retrieve any information that you or your employees desire.

Find a local fax number for your business today. You can search our inventory of available fax numbers and start using features like email to fax and mobile faxing today.