Features to Consider Before Fax Online

When business owners compare traditional fax machines it is easy to compare the features. After all, many magazines will break down common features of fax machines such as speed of printing, transmission speed, paper size, paper feed, fax memory and more; but what about a fax online service?

Despite millions of people faxing online daily it can be hard to determine just what features are most important in a service. Especially as an online service eliminates the need of a printer or dialing features, just what should you compare?

Core Features to Evaluate As You Consider a Fax Online Service

Although there are only a few companies who provide an online fax service it can be confusing to determine what features you are getting with one company compared to another. To help you in your search for the right service, we invite you to consider evaluating the following aspects before you commit to fax online:

Features of a Fax Online Service to Evaluate

Storage Amount
Number of pages that you can receive monthly
Number of pages that you can fax monthly
Ability to Email to Fax
Number of Emails that Can Receive Faxes
Dedicated Fax Phone Application
Dedicated Computer Application (not just access through a browser)
Format of faxed documents you can fax (i.e. PDF, Excel, Word, etc)
Format of received faxes (i.e. PDF, EFX, TIFF etc)
Ability to Cancel Anytime

If it’s difficult to determine the features Online, ask these questions when you call customer support:

  • What format do my faxes arrive in?
  • What types of documents can I fax?
  • How much storage is allowed?
  • Can I fax to any fax machine?
  • How long will my faxes be allowed to be stored?
  • Can I email from my mobile phone or computer to fax?
  • How many faxes can I receive each month as part of my monthly fee?
  • What rate are extra pages charged at?
  • Can I fax internationally?

To help you answer these questions for mBox™ we have put together a detailed frequently asked questions section to help. With powerful aspects such as unlimited fax storage and the flexibility to send a fax in nearly any type of document, you will soon wonder why you ever considered having a traditional fax machine.