How to Fax Online and Improve Your Business Communications Instantly

With the increasingly varied means of communication open to businesses (i.e. email, phone, websites, etc.), it's more important than ever that your business be easily accessible by every communication method, including faxes. Rather than invest in a dedicated fax machine, though, choosing to move your faxing needs to the cloud will not only improve your business communications, but it will also save you time and money.

Fax Online and Never Lose a Fax Again

There's always the risk of losing a fax with a traditional dedicated fax line; but when you choose to fax online instead, you can rest assured your information won't be lost. When you send an online fax, mBox converts your documents into a fax readable format and automatically keeps the information in our online storage systems. Since your document information is saved on our servers, you won't have to re-send your fax if the receiving machine is busy or the connection times out.

How Fax Online Saves Time and Resources

Without the need for a dedicated fax machine or traditional fax line, you not only save money on hardware and maintenance costs, but you also save time on actually sending faxes. Rather than wasting time standing in front of a machine and waiting for it to send, then having to wait for a confirmation that your fax was successfully sent, fax online ensures that your faxes are sent automatically. No more dialing and re-dialing because the fax failed – you will now find faxing easy and instantaneous.

Better Communication

When was the last time you worried whether an email you send was lost? Just as with email, you won’t have to worry about losing a fax with online faxing. If sending and receiving faxes is as easy as composing an email, it's clear that your business communications will improve exponentially because you can fax documents directly to other fax machines much faster through online fax. You can also receive faxes the same way. Just sign up for a fax number online and receive faxes right in your inbox, ensuring that you never miss a fax again due to a bad connection or busy machine.