Choose the Fax Program Uniquely Suited to Your Business

With a large number of online fax programs to choose from, it's hard to know which one to sign up with. Consider your business' unique needs in order to determine which online fax provider is most likely to give you the service that meets your business' needs. 

Consider How Many Faxes You Need to Send 

Some providers offer small-scale programs for small businesses. These programs offer a limited number of faxes for a low price. However, before signing up for one of these programs, you may want to consider the following:

  • There may be additional costs to smaller scale programs, such as high prices for going over your fax limitations.
  • These types of programs may count failed faxes against your total number of faxes sent per month.
  • If you expand your business, you may also need the abilities of storing faxes online or even faxing via a mobile device. Ensure that the program you are considering supports these features.

Consider How You Plan to Send or Receive Faxes

There are two types of online fax programs: email only and wireless access . Email only programs, as the name implies, requires users to have an email account to send or receive faxes. If you plan to conduct most of your faxing at the office, where users can easily access email, this may be all you need. However, if you plan to conduct your faxing on the road or away from work sites, you may need a program that offers other options.

If you plan to receive faxes as well as send them, you need to consider how you want to do so. Make sure the fax program you are considering has the capability to save faxes in a format compatible with your computer system.

Consider the Level of Customer Support You'll Need

Ideally, the fax company you are evaluating will provide 24-hour customer support in order to ensure that you can always get help if something goes wrong. If you consider yourself more tech savvy, you may feel more comfortable with a company that offers less customer support than if computers and Internet use are not your forte.

Consider Your Company's Budget

You want to make sure that your online fax service is affordable. Again, it's important to consider all the costs. Compare fax programs that provide equivalent services and take extra costs into consideration so that you can see exactly what you will be spending. Then, choose the online fax provider that best meets your budget and needs.

When you're ready to buy, why not try out the 30 day free trial from mBox™? You'll be able to see exactly what features you need and can then decide to move forward with the online fax program that best suits your business.