Online Fax Services Provide More Depth of Service Than A Fax Machine

There's no question you need to send and receive faxes to operate a successful business. Complex documents, proposals, requests for quotes and order forms are just some of the communications that work better by fax. In addition, governmental organizations and traditional businesses rely on faxes as a primary correspondence tool. Companies that want to become preferred vendors must use fax to connect with them. To stay competitive and meet your sales goals though, you need to cut down on expenses and shorten the transaction cycle. One of the most effective ways to control expenses and make more sales is to replace your traditional fax machine with an online fax service.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if an online fax service will save you time and money:

1. Do you need faxes in PDF format? 2. Do you have to return to the office or call in to check if a fax has arrived? 3. Do you rely on someone else to send faxes when you are on the road? 4. Do you need quick and easy access to prior faxes? 5. Do you share faxes with other team members on a regular basis? 6. Do you want a way to digitise your signature instead of printing a document to refax?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then an online fax service will save you time and shorten the time from prospect to booked revenue. In terms of savings, there are two more ways that online fax services will help your business – saving money and saving the environment.

A quick analysis of the true cost of a traditional fax machine reveals the hidden costs that are normally just rolled in to “cost of doing business.” For example, fax machines can generate significant costs for repair, replacement, maintenance, and supplies. Another cost center is the man-hours that are lost when you or your team could be working on other vital projects.

Traditional faxes have costs to the environment as well. All that trash from unwanted faxes and used toner cartridges goes straight into landfills or recycling. Do a quick calculation of how much you would save if you only printed out what you needed and kept the rest in a secure online file storage system.

These are all benefits that a true online fax service provides. The depth of service goes far beyond anything a standard printer/copier/fax can do. A fax service improves your productivity and efficiency by offering:

Ability to Fax Via Email– No additional software or hardware is necessary. The training is minimal. If you and your staff know how to send an email, you know how to send an online fax. Receiving faxes is even easier as they go directly to the mailbox your specify. You can set up filters to sort them by client or importance and set up alerts to ring you when they arrive.

Online Storage of Faxes – No more lost or misfiled faxes. Every fax sent by mBox will be stored securely on our servers for you to access online. You can save them in your email archives or set up a searchable database to bring up any fax you need in moments. Multiple departments, like shipping and accounting, can access the fax at the same time to work on different aspects of the order.

Ability to Fax Using a Mobile Phone – There is now an mBox app for your smartphone. The ability to send or receive a fax is no farther away than your pocket. Send a fax while you are attending a conference, waiting at the airport, meeting with a client, or relaxing at home. The business world never sleeps and you don't have to let another golden opportunity slip away because the fax you need is sitting at the office. Your phone is your office.

Easy to Understand International Fax Rates – With a traditional fax machine and dedicated fax line, you often don't know the cost of an international fax until your next billing cycle. It's hard to know if faxing an international client is worth your time and effort. Some businesses shy away from going after international clients just out of uncertainty about communications costs. That's no longer a question with mBox™ as you can verify the web fax rates prior to sending a fax. Just select your international destination country and start figuring the cost of doing business with your new potential partners. You could open up a whole new world of prospects.

Emailed Receipt Confirmations– One of the best benefits of signing up with mBox is that every fax receives a Send Confirmation Receipt sent to your email address. An online activity log also confirms the transmission. Just follow these steps to view your receipts:

  1. Login to your mBox™ account.
  2. On the right hand menu, you will see “Choose Activity Logs”.
  3. This is a list of all your Send Activity Logs.

Send Nearly Any Type of Document – Do you commonly fax .doc reports? How about .xls spread sheets? Sales and marketing materials in .PDF? Or how about instructions and coupons in .jpg or .gif? There are dozens of different document types that you normally have to print out or convert to another form before you send them out. Not anymore. You can rest assured that the developers at mBox follow industry trends to be certain you can send out nearly any document as the new technology appears. When faxes arrive, you have your choice of formats for them to display on your screen. You can choose to have faxes delivered in one of three different file formats:

  1. PDF, which can be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.
  2. EFX, which can be viewed through our software.
  3. TIFF, which supports multi-page images and can be opened in many programs, like the default Windows viewer.

Get a Local Number Around the Country or Around the World – This is absolutely one of the most powerful features of mBox. Choose a fax number from thousands of cities all over the planet. Not only does this help you, it is a major competitive advantage to help your clients and prospects. If they have to choose between two companies, they will often choose the one with the local fax number to save on communications expenses over the long term. Business partners won't know that you are using an online service. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can reach you with a fax and you will know instantly.

Fax Using Up to Five Email addresses– Now your whole team has access to send or receive faxes from anywhere. Faxing doesn't have to be a bottle neck as you wait for the fax machine to clear up. Don't monopolize the time of the administrative staff by calling in to ask them to send a fax or check if it has arrived. Your 5 emails are now 5 mobile offices that keep you in contact with the prospects that really need to communicate with you.

Sign Your Documents with a Digitized Signature – One of the first questions people ask before they sign up with mBox is how they will be able to sign documents if everything is online. There is no longer a need to print them out, sign them and then scan them in again. Each transformation lowers the resolution quality of the image. The new Digitized Signature puts your own personal signature online. There are no more delays in getting the document sent out immediately.