Fax Service Benefits by Using Fax to Email for Your Business

When business owners evaluate traditional fax machines the decision to purchase usually comes down to which machine offers the right features for the right price.With fax machines varying by only a small margin it can often be challenging to determine which one to invest in.

An online fax service should provide you with more than just the ability to send and receive faxes.By very definition a fax “service” should provide you with help, assistance, and even a benefit over a traditional machine that would sit in your office.As more business owners consider moving their fax needs to the cloud, with services such as mBox™, it can be challenging to determine the actual benefits.To help you explore how you can benefit today, consider these aspects:

  • Log of Sent and Received Faxes – Quite often you will want to review which faxes you have sent and received to review your communications with clients and vendors.Waiting for a phone bill or getting your fax machine to print out a list can be a cumbersome task. With an online fax service you can not only easily track which faxes have been sent and received you can review in digital format.

  • Instant Notifications – Businesses throughout Australia have to act faster to be competitive.Neither you nor your employees have time to constantly get up to check the machine to see if and what faxes have been received or ensure that your documents were successfully delivered.An online service allows you to use your computer as a fax and be notified (via email or with our eFax Messenger® software) instantly of the status of your fax.

  • Avoiding Costly Repairs – Even the best fax machines will need to be repaired.A common repair can result in an expense nearly as much as the machine.You can utilize your current computers and printers; no need to invest in a fax machine, saving you costly repairs. With an online service there is nothing to repair!

With the additional benefits of being able to send and receive faxes via email from your mobile phone it’s no wonder that more and more business owners are ditching their fax machines for an online service.