How to Evaluate a Fax Service for Your Business

An online fax service combines the best of the old and the new. It remains a simple fact of business communications that the company willing to contact prospects or business partners along their preferred communications channels will become the preferred vendor. Faxing continues to be the channel of choice for complex documents and traditional industries. The way to reach more clients with improved technology is a solution involving an online fax service. Here are the questions you need to ask as you evaluate an online fax service.

How many faxes to you normally send in a month?

Get a good handle on how many faxes you send to which local, long distance and international numbers. This will give you an indication of how much you are actually spending and what kind of impact the fax service will have to your bottom line in the annual budget.

Is the fax service mobile ready?

An internet based fax is powerful if you have your laptop with you and you have an internet connection. The best services though, have already moved into the mobile future, with an app for mobile phones or tablets. Now you can send or receive a fax from a crowded conference floor or on the side of the road. There is no reason to settle for less because the speed of business is accelerating daily. Compare the opportunity cost of lost business while you or your staff is standing at the fax machine instead of processing faxes. Savings and faster transactions will be evident even within the first 30 days. Over time, you will see substantial positive impacts throughout the business.

Does the fax service provide local numbers?

There is more to having a competitive advantage than saving costs. There is also a customer focus element that considers what it costs for the prospect to send you a fax. If you provide prospects and business partners with a local fax number, they will be more likely to send you a fax if they are concerned about saving costs as well. Even a slight competitive advantage can have a huge budgetary and market share impact over the long term. If you do plenty of business in another part of the country, consider adding a fax in that area code to capture a wider slice of the business and expand your prospect pool.