Fax Service Features that Increase Productivity

Whoever has the best productivity wins, which is why an online fax service has become an essential business tool for the successful enterprise. The competitive mastery of higher productivity has been proven many times over in the past few years as even small companies have secured massive market share through technology-fueled speed and reputation.

Communication is the new frontier of productivity as companies strive to connect along channels that engage prospects and energize their supply chain. Fax is the communication channel of choice for certain types of complex documents. However, traditional fax machines present limitations to business because it is tied to a single location and a land line. Many times, business happens outside the office, such as at trade shows, at the client's office, or by a chance meeting. Agile enterprises seize opportunities as they arise and solve problems by touching them only once.

The absolute best way to improve efficiency in communications is by transferring fax capabilities from your traditional fax machine onto your mobile device, smartphone, or Ultrabook. With a fax service that offers a mobile fax app, the new mobile office is quite literally in the palm of your hand. The speed of business is rapid accelerating because sales can happen anywhere and the best businesses take advantage of the moment when they have a captive audience to press their advantage. With a mobile fax app there is no waiting. You can send the client anything they need right from your phone. If you are on the road, there is no need to wait until you return to the office to start processing a fax. Make it happen now and don't lose the momentum.

When you decide to go with mBox™, up to five email addresses can be used to access the online fax service. This means that you can connect through your own emails in different divisions or assign a team to handle fax correspondence and be certain that someone is always available. Adequate coverage of incoming and outgoing faxes no longer has to be an issue. The additional benefit is the absence of training requirements. Anyone who can send an email can send or share a fax.