Fax Service for Real Estate Agents Gives You More Mobility with mBox™

As a real estate agent you are always on the go.  With the challenges of meeting new buyers, setting up open houses, showing properties, and handling properties under contract you rarely get a chance to sit down in your office!  Even though you might be constantly on the go, the paperwork doesn’t wait for you to be at your office.

To be able to share with your clients the latest contracts and documentation often requires faxing, but how do you fax when you are constantly on the move?  Even with the flexibility of email, what happens when you receive paperwork and your clients want it faxed to them right away?

With advancements in online technologies you no longer have to wait until you get back to your office to fax.  Whether you want to fax from your mobile phone or your clients want to email you a fax you can accomplish your goals with the right fax service.

Fax From Your Mobile Phone

Faxing from your mobile phone has never been easier.  With mBox™ you have true mobile faxing ability with our smartphone app, powered by eFax®.  If you can point and shoot with your smartphone you have the power to send a fax.  Our innovative mobile App allows you to not only send faxes from your phone, but you can also receive them!

You are likely already reviewing listings and doing email on your phone, now with our mobile application you can also start faxing! 

Email to Fax Helps You and Your Clients

When your clients want to send you a fax you don’t have to be next to a fax machine to receive their documents.  mBox™ gives you the ability to receive faxes in your email and review the documents in PDF format.

As you receive documents you can even send a fax back through email.  Simply entering their fax number followed by “@efaxsend.com” will allow you to send documents quickly and easily to their fax machine.  

The need for a real estate agent to be on the move won’t change any time soon.  To help you be more mobile with your real estate business and accomplish your goals, try the internet fax service with mBox™.