Fax Solutions for Small Business Are Still Needed in the Digital Age

Companies today have many technology challenges. They need phones, computers, networks, email systems, copiers, etc. Some may think that the fax is no longer useful for businesses, but this is still a vital technology for many internal and external business communications. A survey performed by GFI Software found that 85% of businesses report that they make use of fax services, and 54% are using it as a primary part of their daily operations.

Mobile and internet fax solutions for small businesses have become the obvious choice over traditional fax machines. Their widespread use is part of the larger trend of virtualization of business operations, which is making traditionally physical systems and services easily available through the internet. Instead of using bulky physical equipment, faxes can be easily sent and received through email.

The Many Benefits of Internet Fax Solutions for Small Businesses

There is no denying that internet fax services provide incredible advantages over traditional machines.

A business-class fax machine on its own can cost up to $4,000. Add in an approximate fee of $40 per month for sending faxes, as well as monthly maintenance of about $50.

Compare this to online fax applications, which have zero equipment and maintenance costs. Monthly costs for sending faxes through the internet are around just $10-25, and you do not need to spend money on fax paper.

Internet fax solutions for small businesses do not have the energy costs of a physical machine, which can be quite large when they must be left on to receive faxes. Online faxing is also much more efficient, letting you send multiple faxes to multiple numbers at once. Mobile fax apps let employees fax from wherever they might be, from their laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

In addition, internet fax services provide a greater level of security compared to paper faxes, which end up sitting unguarded in the receiving fax machine where they can be picked up and read by anyone who happens to pass by. GFI software conducted a survey in 2012 and found that 49% of office employees have read a fax that was not intended for them; this problem is solved with internet faxing.

The Time is Right for Internet Fax Solutions for Small Business

With 72% of businesses still using traditional physical fax machines, you can be sure that the internet faxing revolution has not yet taken place. This means that there is still time for businesses to take advantage of this lag and increase their productivity with mobile faxing before others do.