Fax to Email Service

Although the concept of faxing has been around for over 100 years, it is only in the last 20 years that more businesses have considered using online services for their fax needs. The rapid movement of more business services to cloud based services has resulted in more businesses reaping the rewards of ditching traditional methods of faxing for online fax machines.

Fax to email has exploded in popularity not only due to the cost savings, but also due to the environmental aspects. Now more than ever companies of every size are establishing initiatives of recycling, energy savings and more. By introducing a fax to email service a company can greatly reduce the volume of paper it consumes complimenting the other efforts of environmental consciousness. Before you decide to ditch that fax machine, discover more how the service works and how an online fax number can help your business.

How Fax to Email Works

If you are familiar with sending a traditional email, then sending a computer fax via email will be just as simple. What most business owners don’t realize is the online service takes care of the complicated work of translating the information you want faxed to the fax machine.

When you send an email our software will translate your attachments into a readable format for the destination fax machine. As we translate the information that is to be sent, we also store the information on our servers, in case the destination fax machine is busy or we are unable to reach it on the first attempt. When the fax is successful we will send you an email confirmation, no waiting by the fax machine or having to go back and wait for a confirmation page to print out.

If you were looking to receive a fax to email, our online fax software still does the hard work. When you have sent a fax our software translates the information and sends you the fax in a format that you dictate. Whether you want to receive a fax in a PDF, TIFF, or an EFX file it is delivered directly to your preferred email address.

As you consider using a fax to email service you might still wonder why you would select an online fax number vs. a traditional dedicated fax line.

An Online Fax Number Offers Flexibility

An online fax number provides flexibility for your business while still giving you all of the benefits of a physical dedicated fax line. Even though you may reserve your fax number online, you will still have the ability to send and receive faxes to any fax machine.

In fact even though you can quickly reserve your online fax number it still operates like a dedicated fax line, just without the hassles of hooking up a fax machine or waiting for a physical line to be installed in your home or business.

Drawbacks of a Traditional Dedicated Fax Line with a Fax Machine

A dedicated fax line can cost anywhere from $9.99 plus the cost of additional minutes used of sending and receiving faxes. Add in the additional expense of investing in a fax machine, maintenance of the machine, and then the additional supplies such as toner and you can see why more business owners are moving to online fax services.