Fax to Email Software Gives You More Power from Your Email

Fax to email software delivers more power to your inbox. Both computer software and online software can be used for sending and receiving faxes over the internet.  With businesses of every size already emailing on a daily basis leveraging email to fax software can provide added efficiencies and result in costs savings.

Fax to Email with Computer Software

When you're using your own computer for faxing, you can install eFax Messenger® on your desktop. This will allow you to send and receive faxes without opening a web browser or using your email application. Simply authenticate the desktop application with your mBox™ account using your eFax number and PIN. Once your account is communicating with the eFax Messenger application, you'll be able to send and receive faxes directly from your computer. Additionally, any incoming fax will be delivered as an attachment to your email account.

Fax to Email with Online Software

Fax to email software provides the added benefit of being able to easily store all of your fax activity.  You can send, receive, and organize faxes online with your account.  Additionally, your account comes with lifetime online storage for all your faxes. Storing your faxes online means you will always have access to them and makes it very easy to review, organize, and forward any document at any time. Also, you can use the mBox™ website to send faxes from computers that do not have eFax® Messenger installed. Simply login to your account and upload any document you need to fax. This way you can fax from public computers at libraries and cyber-cafes.

Fax to Email with Any Email Software

Using any email application, you can send and receive faxes through your account. To send a fax, simply address an email to [email protected]. Then you can attach the documents you want to fax and click send. You'll receive a confirmation email to ensure the fax was successfully sent. This allows you to fax from your cell phone, PDA, or tablet computer without any additional software to install. Any computer with email access instantly becomes a fax machine.