5 Ways Fax Via Email Service Gives You A Competitive Advantage

Nearly everybody has email these days. Not everybody knows how to use it effectively, though. Email can and should be like the Swiss army knife of tools for the contemporary business.

It can be used to reach clients around the country or around the world. It can alert you when your company is being discussed anywhere on social media networks in order for you to join the conversation. It can keep track of appointments and deadlines. It can serve as a more efficient way to store documents, through folders and searchable content. Now, it can even send and receive faxes from anywhere that a smartphone can go.

The latest statistics on the trends in online marketing for businesses were just released in The Big Australia Report by Responsys, a firm that specializes in cross-channel marketing. They found that email is by far the most important online tool for a variety of business reasons, especially in terms of marketing. There are now over 3.3 billion email accounts worldwide, nearly half the population of the planet. In 2013, more than 70% of marketers expect to increase their email marketing budgets while 64% expect to send more individual emails. 97% of marketers are using email as their preferred campaign medium.

As more businesses depend on email as their primary communication and marketing tool, it has become more important than ever to control inbox overload and use email productively. Employees can check their email on mobile devices and laptops, so they have begun to take work with them everywhere they go. Thanks to recent advances in technology and distributed computing, web-based software has added additional capabilities to email, such as digital fax.

The Arrival of Digital Fax

Alongside email, fax has re-emerged as one of the dominant communication channels for sales and customer service. Essential documents, such as those that are time sensitive or require signatures, often have to be faxed. More traditional organizations can only be contacted by fax for certain types of transactions. The arrival of digital fax however, which incorporate signature approval technology, has made these types of online documents as easy to share with team members as a physical document. This is an essential quality for complex proposals, invoices, and traditional contracts. Although printing documents on paper is still necessary in some situations, digital faxes reduce the amount of wasted paper, lowering operating expenses while they speed up information exchange.

Exchanging information quickly is vital to improving sales conversion rates. In fact, sales can turn entirely on capturing the attention of the buyer when they are ready to buy. While you have the potential customers’ attention, you need to provide them with all the information and forms that they need to complete the transaction. 

By incorporating fax via email into your sales process, there is no longer any reason to return to the office before being able to transmit critical data to prospects or business partners. While you are in a meeting or in transit, any mobile device with an internet connection can become your portable office. Send or receive the documents by fax using your email immediately to secure a client or prevent a potential dispute. 

You can even use your email fax to communicate with high quality visuals anywhere across the nation and around the world. mBox™ provides local fax numbers for over 10,000 local residents in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia so you can expand your potential market. As you scale up your business, mBox™ scales with you, giving you the ability to become more efficient and productive. 

Efficiency through digital fax

Fax via email offers a number of efficiency improvements at the same time as it controls costs.  The promise of a paperless office has yet to be realized, but digital fax technology is a step in that direction. Reducing printing out faxes not only conserves paper, but also reduces turnover in toner cartridges and wasted ink.  Here are some other ways digital faxes are making a difference for businesses all over the world. Fax via email can: 

  • Handle many different document types that can be sorted by client or importance by email filters.
  • Deliver an electronic copy to each computer that has email access for multiple copies and points of retrieval
  • Save you the time and inconvenience of returning to the office to conduct vital business
  • Keep send confirmation receipts in your email that are searchable and archived

When successful businesses find something that works they stick with it. That's one reason why many companies depend on faxing to make certain their most important documents are exchanged quickly. On the other hand, a successful business can't afford to pass up technology that lowers costs and opens up more avenues of business. In other words, if a business isn't on the lookout to improve efficiency, they can be certain that their competitors are.

The best reasons to combine email and fax tech

The meeting of email and fax has resulted in one of the most powerful business technologies of the past decade. Here are the top 5 reasons that businesses are turning to fax via email to create competitive advantages in tough markets:

1. Lifetime online storage of faxes

Office space is expensive, and office space devoted to storage is that much less space for operations and sales. That's why so many businesses are trying to move toward the ideal of a paperless office, where faxes and other documents are stored online with backups and failover support. In addition to the cost of storage and the common problems that arise from misfiling’s, there is also the potential exposure to liability from keeping sensitive, identifying information in an easily accessible storage space. Lifetime online storage from mBox means you never have to worry or shred documents, and you can pull them up when you need them by searchable keywords.

2. The ability to send and receive a fax using a mobile device

Whether you conduct business on a laptop, Ultrabook, tablet or smartphone, faxing on the go couldn't be simpler. Fax via email requires virtually no training. Checking email on a smartphone is especially quick. Replying with an attachment can take place in the blink of an eye. Anywhere you can get online access by Wi-Fi or cellular network is now a place where you can send or receive faxes. Send the document that the prospect or business partner needs from your desk, from home, on the train, or on the road. There will never again be a need to worry about busy signals, international phone lines, wrong numbers, maintenance, and a host of other details that could end up costing you business. Get the right documents to the right people when they need them.

3. Easy to understand international fax rates

Some businesses shy away from international clients simply because of the communication barriers. This has become an untenable position in an increasingly global marketplace, where advances in transportation and translation have made international customers more cost effective, even for small businesses. The prices for faxing can be complex and confusing, though, unless you have chosen mBox™ as your fax via email service provider. You have the ability to send faxes to 49 countries with mBox™ and the prices are all laid out in our online international fax calculator tool.

4. Conservation of resources

Receipt confirmations are one area where traditional fax machines waste paper on a regular basis. If you don't receive a confirmation, you can't be sure the other party received it. If you turn this feature off, then you can't prove that you sent a fax if there is ever a dispute. It is simply good business to confirm receipt and you need to do it in the most economical way possible. Fax via email helps in this area as well. With mBox, your send confirmations are sent by email so you can store them for later reference without wasting paper. Over the long term, mBox saves a great deal of expense in terms of paper and toner cartridges by not printing all the unnecessary, unreadable and unsolicited faxes that most businesses receive. Print only what you need.

5. Reduction in overall expenses

Outsourcing only makes sense when you can reduce expenses throughout the organization, not just shift them, while continuing to provide a seamless experience for your customers and the critical business partners in your supply chain. That is why outsourcing the expense of maintaining fax service makes great business sense. You will eliminate maintenance costs on the physical fax machine, the cost of upgrading service, the cost of paper and supplies like toner cartridges, and the cost of a dedicated landline for faxing. In exchange, you pay a much smaller monthly fee for sending and receiving as many faxes as your company needs.