Faxing Via Email Saves Valuable Time in Prospecting for New Clients and Closing Deals

Fax via email is the high tech way to conserve valuable time and resources. The biggest problem with a traditional fax machine is that it interrupts your work flow. It takes you away from your workstation and inevitably involves you with other issues on the way to or from the fax machine. Even if there are no problems, like misdials, busy signals, or waiting for a fax to finish, the drain on your time and resources can really add up over time. On the other hand, sending a fax directly from your email takes seconds, can reach many different destinations at the same time, and allows you to continue working as they go on their way.

New Clients

When you are prospecting for new clients, you need to contact people quickly and provide them with all the information they need to make a business decision. How many times has a client asked for a document that requires you to go back to the office to fax it? With a fax via email service that provides a mobile app, you can pull up the document right on your mobile device and fax it from the palm of your hand during the meeting. This gives you the ability to fax from the road or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular internet signal. Your mobile device or laptop becomes a portable office with full fax capabilities.

Closing Deals

The second most sensitive time in the sales cycle is during closing. When a potential customer is ready to buy, you need to clear out any impediments to concluding the deal. Sometimes they need additional documents or need to send you documents immediately. Don't make the clients wait until you get back to the office, or dig through old faxes to find the information you need. With eFax® you get lifetime access to a searchable database of your faxes. The deal may be almost done, but without getting the signed documents back and forth, there is no sale. Don't waste time and money when the vital fax could be just an email away.

Productivity in the Workplace

If you've studied productivity in your office, you know how much time you can save in a month just by saving a few minutes every day. Think about how that time translates into actual savings. How much is your time worth to you? Not just the hours themselves but the lost opportunities while you are standing by the fax machine?

Join more than 10,000 happy customers using mBox™ in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Along with eFax®, you will become part of a growing network of over 11 million customers around the world. Start saving time and getting more done with fax via email in just a few clicks.