Fax Via Email Keeps You Ahead With the Most Essential Tools in Business

Email is both a boon and a curse. Employees say that it is indispensable for organization, but also that they waste too much time on managing their email inbox. According to Ernst and Young Australia, productivity loss costs $41 billion each year. The study reports: "The top time-wasting activities reported were waiting for approval from a higher authority, reading and responding to emails and technology issues.

If you need more from your email, here are our best tips on getting more from your email. These will help you do more and spend less time hitting the "delete" button by using email even more efficiently. Email can and should take on the functions of your primary communication channel, an organizational funnel, a document storage device, and a fax service.

Include a marketing message.

If you haven't created a signature, with your name, job title, and contact information, do it now. The real power of this is when you include up-to-the-minute marketing messages or info about changes in your business. You can spread the word quickly and efficiently without repeating yourself or leaving it for someone else to control the message.

Build email tiers.

This is about focusing on the 20% of emails that really matter. Your current account, the one on your business card, should be checked at most once or twice a day. Busy execs have a separate email, like an unlisted number, that is for other execs only. If you spend a great deal of time online doing research, it is worth it to set up a third account for downloading white papers, pesky salespeople, or sites that are likely to spam your account.

Store documents in your email archives.

Your servers have to be backed up unless you want a power outage to be a business crippling event. The great part about auto backups is that you can save a great deal of physical storage space by keeping your mission critical documents stored online. Don't worry about misfiling’s and shredding documents, just clear out older documents with a delete. The other benefit is that documents can be found instantly by searchable keywords.

Fax via email.

The modern worker is mobile and fax should be too. A fax via email app makes it possible to send a fax from the road, at a meeting with a client, or anywhere a mobile device can go. Don't waste time going back to the office to fax. Email is a better way to send faxes because you can send and receive multiple faxes at the same time.

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