Faxing Is the Best Way to Stay in Contact with Business Prospects and Partners

Faxing for BusinessFrom securing resources to bringing in new customers, successful businesses depend on persuasion. You may have heard people say, “Everything is sales.” What this really means is that workers throughout the organization, from operations to customer service, must continually develop their persuasive skills.

One effective approach to improving persuasive skills is to break down the audience into two parts: those who need the big picture and those who need details. Facts and figures are more persuasive to the detail oriented, while big picture people need illustrations that explain how your business can solve their problems. In both cases, a fax with supporting data and examples are the key to making your case.

For busy executives with lots of questions, a fax prior to a meeting prepares them for your presentation. Managers and leading decision makers are frequently inundated with emails, many of which are deleted without even being seen. A fax is a tangible way to reach these vital connections and hold their attention. If you are able to get through to the right person over the phone, a fax can close the deal with a contract or promotional materials.

Faxing is one of the best ways to follow up with a client or prospect after a meeting to confirm agreements. Faxes can also make sure that any objections that may have been raised in the meeting can be addressed and overcome. A follow up fax can support your ideas with additional illustrations or supporting data. With the mBox mobile fax app, these can even be faxed directly to the client during the meeting, right from your mobile device.

Delivering what customers need to make a decision quickly, in the format they prefer, makes all the difference in being able to shorten the sales cycle. For your suppliers, communicating what you need and when prevents many problems with inventory churn down the road. In every business transaction, make sure the right people have the documents they need to conclude the agreement. In a world of increasing global competition, the business with the most efficient communication system wins. Faxing in combination with email and personal touches will shorten your transaction times and send the message to your clients that they are your top priority.

The most important point to keep in mind is that one channel alone is not sufficient to persuade decision makers in a world of frequent distractions. Mail, phone, email and fax are the foundation of an efficient and effective persuasion campaign.