Faxing over Email is the More Flexible Way of Reaching Business on the Go

Faxing via emailThe world has already gone mobile. Last year, Canalys reported that around the world, the total sales of smartphones exceeded personal computer sales, including notepads, for the first time. The growth of smart phones sales was projected to keep increasing at a rate of 62 percent per year, and notepads alone would grow at an astonishing 274 percent per year. Meanwhile, desktops struggled along at 2 percent growth. Within a few years, there may be no more desktop computers at all, because everyone will be accessing the web through mobile devices and wearables.

People expect their data to follow them everywhere – from the office to their laptop to their mobile device. Facing increased competition in a global market and economic uncertainty, businesses are looking for new ways to connect with their customers and suppliers. Mobile devices provide the means to take the office with you everywhere: at home, on the road, and even into meetings. Time can be a critical factor in securing business while you have the prospect's attention. Also, making it easy for the customer to contact you leads to better customer perception and repeat business.

The most powerful aspect of a mobile device is that it no longer matters how fast the processors are. Thanks to advances in cloud-based software and Internet connectivity, a mobile device can run sophisticated apps delivered over the web with high speed Wi-Fi or cellular data packages. The apps that are running on the tablet or smart phone are where the true power lies. The processing capacity of a data center is in the palm of your hand, turning a smart phone into a total communications tool and mobile office. It opens up new markets for businesses that need to do more business in different areas within Australia or around the world.

Faxing through email is among the best examples of what is possible in the new mobile market. The new mobile fax app from mBox™ turns any email into an online fax machine. Multiple faxes can be sent and received simultaneously from anywhere. If a client wants more info faxed to them, it can be done immediately during the meeting. You never need to worry about missing a fax when you are out of the office because they will arrive right in your inbox. Alerts can even be set up to notify you when an important fax arrives.

Online faxing from mBox also conserves resources, by eliminating wasted paper and toner cartridges. Print out only what you need and store faxes securely online through mBox™. There's no need to waste space and time on a filing system or shred old faxes due to liability issues. Online faxing reduces expenses while it produces less waste for the environment. That's a winning combination for the future of business.

Free Trial of mBox Faxing Software

There is no need to wonder if faxing by email is right for your business. Now you can try it for yourself. You will be amazed at the savings in time and expense that online faxing provides. Reserve a local number from across Australia or around the world. Choose your own mBox™ fax number by city or area code and start faxing immediately through this free 30-day trial.

You can't argue with the fax. mBox already connects over 11 million people in 49 countries and we want to provide your business with the power of Australia's number #1 fax to email provider.

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  • Fax from your desktop or mobile with no additional software or hardware
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  • Send and receive multiple faxes at the same time
  • Receive faxes at up to five different email addresses
  • Add more fax numbers in other cities at any time

It's time to move into new territories and open new markets with the fax that goes with you anywhere. The next generation of business communications is here. Take your free test run today and start lowering your costs and capturing new business with mBox™.