Free Fax Services

With the advancements in technology it seems that we are consistently offered the opportunity of more and more items for free. From free email services, free data storage sites, and more, free has become a part of being online.

Technology has greatly impacted the fax industry. No longer do you have to have to have a dedicated fax machine to send faxes. Certain computers can give you the ability to fax for nearly free. Of course regardless of your computer read on to discover how you can gain mobility with your faxing needs and be able to send and receive faxes online.

Gain Increased Mobility with the Right Email to Fax Solution

A Windows 7 Solution to Sending a Free Fax

While most people access the internet through high-speed cable or DSL there was a time when many people used a fax modem to access the internet. The ability for high-speed internet usage has reduced the usage of fax modems in many areas; however, if you have a fax modem you can have the ability to send a free fax from your computer.

With a bit of set-up, an analog phone line (or fax server) you will be able to use your computer to send and receive faxes for free. Of course, it’s not entirely free as you have to have the phone line, but it is a reasonable fax solution for those using Windows 7.

Drawbacks to Your Free Computer Fax

Setting up your computer as a fax does help you avoid having that bulky fax machine around, however, you still have to wait to get back to your computer in order to check your faxes. In addition to having to wait till you get back to your computer many modern computers are no longer equipped with a fax modem. Without a fax modem you would have to add one to your existing computer to gain the ability to fax.

How to Fax Online

When you don’t want to have a dedicated phone line for your fax and you want the ability to send and receive faxes through email, consider the flexibility of mBox™. With mBox™ you get a 30 Free Trial where you can send up to 20 pages for free and receive up to 130 pages for free as well and there is no need of a fax modem! During the free trial you can experience the ability to send and receive faxes from your mobile and even use our innovative messenger software that allows you to quickly send faxes directly from your computer. Try mBox™ to send a free fax online today.