The best way to use your computer as a free fax

Office workers are bringing more of their work with them wherever they go. Lunch, home, and on the road are now just three more locations for a mobile and global office. One crucial advancement has made this technology possible – fast, low-cost, high-bandwidth internet.

Many businesses now have DSL or even T1 lines that can send messages many times faster than a fax. The average time to send a fax is about 8 minutes, not counting interruptions, wrong numbers, busy signals and waiting to send another fax. With up to 8 minutes or longer to send a fax, it's no wonder businesses are pursuing alternatives to traditional fax machines.

It is far easier to sit at your desk and send a fax as quickly and efficiently as sending an email. The best way to see how the online fax services can save you time and expenses is by taking a free month trial and seeing for yourself what it can mean.

Desktops, laptops, Ultrabooks, tablets, and even smartphones can become a mobile office, with faxing and digital filing capabilities. Receiving an online fax by email is more secure because there is no chance someone else in the office can pick it up or lose it. The fax goes directly to your inbox to be handled by filters that you can set up within your existing email program. Automatically file incoming faxes by subject, by account, or by actions that must be taken on them. Alerts can also be set up to notify you when a new fax arrives.

Sending Faxes by Email is Secure and Can be Done from Your Computer

Similarly, sending faxes by email is more secure because you are certain that the fax made it to the intended recipient. There is no longer a need to wait for one fax to finish before sending the next. Faxes can go out to several different destinations simultaneously.

Records for billing disputes, resumes, customer purchase agreements, administrative forms, and marketing packets can all go out within seconds from your computer, even when you are traveling. Think about what that kind of freedom this can do for your operating expenses and your prospects for new business.