Free Fax Features

There are many features to consider in choosing a free fax service. The most important considerations all center on how the new business flow process will affect your prospects and existing clients. Online fax services usually offer a limited number of free faxes and charge on a per fax basis for everything above a certain allotment.

When you start looking at free fax services take special care in examining these four questions:

How does it look on a mobile device?

The real power of an online fax service is the freedom to send and receive faxes without being tied to a specific location or a landline. When you can fax from your smartphone during a sales call or conference call, you present a more professional and effective image to your prospects. Test out the display of your free fax software on the screen of a mobile device to measure its interface and ease of use. When you are traveling is the worst time to find out that the service won't work for you.

Are there hidden fees?

The obvious fees for going over your allotment of faxes per month are just one area to be aware of in your evaluation. In areas of the world where the phone service is unreliable, these fees can add up quickly. Keep a record of all the potential charges and limits. Some services pay for the free service by giving you a 900 fax number. This means that anyone who wants to contact you by fax will pay for the privilege. This discourages communication and can be counter-productive to the image you are trying to project.

Do they offer local fax numbers?

Local fax numbers really benefit your clients and prospects. Having a local number where they do business means lower communication costs, which can be enough to tip the scales in your favor. Some services even offer local numbers in other countries, opening up new avenues of business and customer support. Another great benefit is a service that can make sure your contacts don't see any external changes as you reap the benefits of time and expense savings.