Free Fax Software for your Online Fax Service

Faxing remains a very common way to stay in contact with certain executives and companies. Documents that require signatures and forms that need to be filled out are just two types of transactions where faxing outperforms email. On the other hand, advanced technology has brought new life to the traditional fax. The technological revolution of greater bandwidth combined with cloud-based enterprise software makes fax by email a much better option than a dedicated land line for your traditional fax machine.

An online free fax service shouldn't require you to download special software or purchase any additional equipment. The email service you are using right now will be the Internet backbone for your online faxes. You can expect the service to limit the number of emails addresses that can access the fax features. If you have an entire team that handles the faxing duties, you could open several accounts.Make sure you keep careful records and take advantage of a 30 day free trial.

The most common model for offering free faxing online is to provide a certain allotment of incoming or outgoing faxes and to charge for any pages that exceed those limits. Before you start looking into online fax services, take inventory of how many faxes you send per month, how many pages per fax, and if there are any national or international destinations likely to be part of your expansion plans.

Some plans offer local numbers in other cities or even other countries that can substantially reduce your fax expenses and the cost to your customers and prospects. If you have a local fax number, it makes it that much more likely that businesses will prefer to fax information to you.

Once you know about how many faxes you are likely to send, sign up for a free trial and turn any of your computers into a fax machine. This will work anywhere you have a solid internet connection, so traveling and making sales calls doesn't have to take you away from your fax. When you are in the office, faxing doesn't have to be an interruption of your work. You can shoot off a fax as easily as writing an email with an attachment. You can fax to several destinations at once and even receive faxes at the same time.

The ability to send and receive faxes by email can translate quickly into savings in time and operational expenses. Reserve a fax number for your business online today and send your first email fax using the mBox™ FREE 30 Day Trial. Our free 30 day trial program gives you the opportunity to try all the features of sending and receiving faxes over the internet first hand. Find out what a free fax by email can mean for new business, greater mobility, and a more efficient workflow.