How to Fax from Email to Any Fax Machine

When most people think of sending a fax they aren’t thinking of email. Even with the advancement of computers and technology as a whole the majority of business owners still rely on a traditional fax machine to send their faxes.

While email has been leveraged to communicate messages, send attachments, and even share videos, it hasn’t been utilized by many to send a fax. Before you think of sending a fax through your email it helps to understand the basics of how a traditional fax machine sends a message.

A fax machine completes the following steps.

  1. You enter your destination fax number
  2. It scans your desired number of page(s)
  3. It translates your fax into a format that will allow it to send the information over a phone line
  4. It dials the corresponding fax number
  5. The receiving fax machine decodes the message and prints out your fax

Although the process of translating your message into a readable format for sending over a phone line might sound complex it isn’t dramatically different from how an email message is encoded to be sent through the internet.

How to Fax from Email in 4 Simple Steps

With advancements in software we have made the process of sending a fax from an email even easier than using a traditional fax machine. You don’t have to know any special language and figuring out how to fax from email is as simple as sending a traditional message. To send a fax from an email is as simple as the following:

  1. Open a traditional Email
  2. In the To: field, enter the recipients Fax Number followed by (yes you can fax to any fax machine, even international numbers, to use the does require at least a free trial account).
  3. Attach any the files you would like to send (maximum of 10)
  4. Click Send!

No need to get up from your desk to check for a confirmation. No waiting around endlessly to hear if the fax machines connect. Once you click “send” on your email we take care of the rest to ensure that your message is sent. When the fax is completed we even email you to let you know that your fax was successfully sent!

Now that you know how you can fax from email, we invite you to try for yourself today. Discover how email faxing can help your business today. You can start, absolutely FREE, with our mBox™ trial account and bring the power of an internet fax directly to your computer in minutes.