How to Send a Fax Online

Many business owners consider an online fax service when they want to save costs over a traditional fax machine. As they make the leap into the world of online faxing, one of the most common questions is simply “how do I send an email fax?”

As you consider an email fax service we invite you to consider that sending a fax is as easy as sending an email message. You won't have to worry about dial-tones, or waiting for pages to scan into memory, with easy to use software you can send an email fax in minutes. If you have already emailed in the past, no matter what email software you have used, you will find that you can accomplish your goal of sending faxes from your computer easily.

Outlined here you will quickly see how you can send a fax without having to touch a machine again.

1. Identify Who You Want to Send a Fax via Email

While on a traditional fax machine you would enter the fax number and wait for it to dial it’s much easier when you want to email a fax. To email a fax, you can open a traditional email and enter the following for the email address:

Fax Number followed by

In other words, to send a local fax in Australia, to the fax number of (0)2 7010 1111 would be as simple as entering the following:

[email protected]

Because mBox™ allows you to fax internationally, the 61 identifies the country you are faxing to as Australia. Once you have input the email address you are just about ready to send your fax.

2. Instant Fax Cover Sheet

No need to search around for a fax cover sheet template or rush to create one! When you are sending a fax, you fax cover sheet is created from the message you type in your email.

With our eFax Messenger® software (available for FREE when you have an mBox™ account) you can even create custom fax cover sheets with ease. Whether you want to use a default cover sheet or create a custom cover page it can all be done without getting up from your computer.

3. No Need to Wait for Scanning, Your Attachment is Your Fax

With a traditional fax machine you have to wait for the pages of your fax to be scanned into memory before the fax is sent on its way. When you are sending a fax in email the attachments that you select become the pages of your fax! Do you have a 7 page document you want to fax? Simply select that document from your computer and add it as an attachment and it will be sent to the destination fax machine.