How Web Fax Software Leverages Fax to Email For Your Business

Converting fax to email and email to fax represents the meeting of the best new technology with efficient business practices. Faxes have proven themselves to be an incredible boon to business for decades. They remain one of the technologies from the Mad Men era that still drive business today. Faxes in the 1960's were giant, loud, and messy. In fact, there was great rejoicing around the business world in 1966, when Xerox released a cutting edge fax machine that weighed only 46 pounds and could transmit a letter in 6 minutes.

Of course, this is laughable in today’s instantaneous and lightweight technological marketplace, but back when sending a letter took days, the fax supercharged the speed of business. With today's web fax software that delivers faxes directly to your email you have the option of printing or simply storing your faxes online. Many people still print out emails because paper is just easier to read and combine with other documents.

Successful businesses are often traditional ones, where a company finds what works and sticks with it. That's why so many of your prospects and current clients still rely on faxes for optimal workflow. To secure their business, you will have to adapt to their way of doing business. At the same time, there is no reason to stop using the latest technological advances in speed and organizations for your own business. The solution is web based software that translates fax to email and back again.

Some of the benefits of web based fax to email software are:

  • use your existing computer or mobile device, no additional hardware
  • go anywhere and not be tied down to a landline
  • send and receive multiple faxes at the same time
  • lower costs for paper, phone service, and maintenance

Sending a fax is simple and allows you to replace the step of printing your marketing document, sales letter, or contract. From the print window, choose the "Send as fax" option and your document goes directly to your recipient's fax machine.

Converting customer and prospect faxes to email is even simpler. Update the web software with an email where you want the faxes to appear and the software does all the work. The faxes arrive in your inbox, so a filter can direct the faxes from one company go to a specific folder, or automated alerts can ring or vibrate your smartphone when a new fax arrives.

There are several different protocols that web servers (where your email is) use to communicate with fax machines. T.37 and T.38 are the code names for the most common FoIP (fax over IP network) protocols. The latest generation of web fax software can also use VoIP (voice over IP) protocols, which are becoming more common as businesses upgrade their phone systems.

No matter what, you don't need to be a software engineer to make it work. The web fax software handles all the protocol matching in the background while you work. When you combine traditional business with advanced technology, you've got a winning business strategy.