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Internet Fax Services

One of the common misperceptions is that an internet fax isn’t a “real fax”. Truth be told, with an internet fax you still get a real fax number! When you send an email as a fax, our software translates your message to make it understandable for a traditional fax machine.

All across the globe we have servers with high performance fax cards that efficiently translate your fax and send your fax on to its final destination. As the fax is made readable for its final destination we are also able to store your message for easy retrieval later.

With an internet fax retrieving messages doesn’t mean sifting through huge stacks of paper or trying to find that confirmation print out. When you want to retrieve your faxes, or even when you are receiving faxes you have the option of two different file types. In addition to our proprietary document format of an .EFX file you can also view your faxes as a .PDF document. With this amount of flexibility, it’s no wonder why more and more businesses are ditching their fax machines for power of an internet fax.

Hidden Benefits of an Internet Fax

Even with all of the advancements online, many business owners still don’t consider doing their faxes online. After all, it’s not like “big box” stores have a display of internet fax services, they instead display fax machines for sale. Consider just the following benefits of an internet fax service:

  • No toner to replace
  • No annoying sound to listen to while the fax connects
  • No need for a dedicated phone line
  • No longer do you have to wait to receive faxes until you get back to the office
  • Ability to send a fax from nearly any program (your email, word documents, and more)
  • No long term commitments
  • A digital archive of your faxes that you can easily access online

An internet fax gives you added leverage in your business without the necessity of adding additional equipment. When you have a computer, you actually have the power of a fax machine that can be available to you within minutes.

Discover how an internet fax can help your business today. You can start, absolutely FREE, with our mBox™ trial account and bring the power of an internet fax directly to your computer in minutes.