Internet Fax for Free to Help Your Business Use Online Faxing - mBox™

The power of the internet has made it so that many common services have gone to free or nearly free. For many years business owners did not have the ability to transition from a traditional fax machine to using the internet, but now that wait is over. Now business owners have the ability to use an internet fax for free. Read on to discover how you can enjoy a free fax trial and how you can evaluate free services before you try them.

What Can You Do with a 30 Day Free Fax Trial?

With a 30 Day Free Fax Trial using mBox™ you will have access to the full functionality of the software.  From sending, receiving, and even using the mobile App you can utilize every aspect of the fax service to see how it can help your business.

During your first 30 days we encourage you to suggest people to send you faxes to help you see how easy it can be to receive faxes directly through your email. As you utilize your traditional email application try sending a fax through email during your trial period and see how quickly you get a confirmation of your fax being successfully delivered.

Evaluating the Actual Investment of Fax Services that Claim “Totally Free”

Sending a fax requires transmitting data over a telephone line. Even with advances in technology, to reach a destination fax still requires going through a telecom provider. Since a telecom provider is involved there is still a cost to a fax service.

To help you see the difference between a free fax trial and a service that states it’s free, consider the following questions:

Do I Get My Own Australian Fax number?

Some services that offer a free service don’t give you a fax number to try the service.  It’s challenging to test all of the features of a service designed for fax when you don’t have a dedicated fax number.

Who is getting charged for the faxed documents?

There are services that offer you the ability to receive faxes for free. While the faxes you do receive don’t come with a charge to you, be aware that those that are sending you faxes can be charged. Some services offer you a “free fax” using a 1-900 number. With a 1-900 number those people that send you faxes can be charged upwards of .40 a minute. An average page can take 30-45 seconds per page to send and that could be a tough surprise if a potential customer was sending you a 20 page fax and then looked at their phone bill at the end of the month!

What is the cost per fax? Or cost per credit?

Evaluating a free fax service means taking the time to evaluate the cost per fax. Individual costs to send or receive documents can range from as little as $0.17 a page to upwards of $1.25. Compare that to mBox™ which can be as low as $0.07 a page. Evaluate the cost per page to decide which service is the best for your business.

To help you accomplish your faxing goals, try the internet fax service with mBox™. You will enjoy a FREE 30 Day Trial where you can use every feature available to see how it can help your business. Simply click the Start Free Trial button below to pick your business fax number.