5 Ways Fax Via Email Service Gives You A Competitive Advantage

It just makes sense for lawyers to use an internet fax solution. The ability to send and receive faxes with PDF and check faxes on your mobile phone makes it much easier to work with legal staff. Additionally, making your office less reliant on paper can free up office supply storage space, not to mention the reduced paper costs and environmental friendliness of internet faxing.

Send and Receive With PDF

Sending and receiving internet faxes revolves around PDF files. When you send your fax, it can be uploaded as a PDF attachment via email, on your phone, or using the mBox™ web interface. Additionally, when you receive a fax, it comes as an attachment to an email in your inbox or through the internet fax web interface. As law offices try to reduce the amount of paper they use and become more environmentally friendly, the perfect solution is internet fax for lawyers. Sending and receiving faxes with PDF files is much greener than a traditional fax machine. Additionally, you can save money by cutting back on printer consumables and paper storage needs.

Check Faxes on Your Mobile Phone

There is no better way to have constant access to your faxes and your fax service than with your mobile phone. Using internet fax, lawyers can access, send, and receive faxes using any mobile phone with email access. Simply setup your smartphone to use the same email address as your mBox™ account, or register your phone's email address with your internet fax. Once this is setup, you'll be able to fax on the go with your mobile phone. This can save valuable time and allow you to address the needs of more clients.

Work With Legal Staff Easier

Since internet fax makes sending, receiving, and organizing faxes so easy for lawyers, it becomes easier to work with legal staff. Documents can be faxed directly to your phone when you're out of the office. At the same time, a copy can be sent to your office and archived in your mBox™ account. These features are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy when it comes to organizing and streamlining your law office with an internet fax solution.