Internet Fax: The Secure, Speedy and Smart Messaging Solution

In this age of fast, easy and mobile communication, using the good old fax machine is still considered the most secure and reliable way to deliver important documents and official files. In most cases, faxes are acknowledged in legal transactions more than e-mails and messages transmitted through other devices. If you want to provide a more credible status for your business or your professional services, sending and receiving faxes should be part of your messaging system.

Thanks to advancements in technology, there is now a way to free yourself from the fax machine and still be able to experience the benefits of fax messaging. You can now have fax access without the expenses and inconveniences that come with the traditional setup by signing up with the right Internet fax subscription.

Here are the top reasons why you should avail of the innovative solutions provided by a reputable Internet fax provider:

Fast and easy transmittal. Your contacts can use their fax machines to send a document to your fax number, and the fax will be delivered straight to your email. You can also send a fax through the Internet; the process is as easy as sending an email attachment, which recipients will be able to receive as a regular fax document.

No-hassle setup. There are no machines, phone lines, hardware and software to install. All you need is a paid email and Internet fax account, and you’re ready to send and receive faxes right away.

Impressive representation. Choose to sign up for an Internet fax subscription with a reputable company that has the capacity to let you choose your own number. Get the number and area code that you think is most suitable for your business.

Secure and private messaging. The fax machine is typically located at the common area of the office; even if you have one dedicated unit just for you, traditional fax transmission makes it easy to lose or expose the most confidential and important files. Internet faxes are directed straight to your email, giving you more messaging control and security.

Flexible and timely communications. You can send and receive Internet faxes using your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone – that’s basically having the freedom to fax anywhere. You will never miss faxes while you’re away, and you can promptly reply to urgent faxes even when you’re travelling, out of the office, or attending to other business responsibilities. Likewise, you can save, forward and archive your messages as easily as your emails.

Make your fax messaging system ready for the future. For fast, easy, anytime and anywhere faxing solutions, contact mBox™, a leading Internet fax provider today.