How to save time and office space with online fax

If you've just opened your own business or you run your business from home, you may have limited space to work with. As your workload increases, you may begin to run out of storage space, which means remodeling or tossing out valuable equipment.

One item that takes up unnecessary space in most offices is fax machines. Why not get rid of that fax machine and send an internet fax to save space?

Internet Fax Benefits for Small Businesses

Sending your faxes over the Internet is a new and effective way of faxing. Instead of having to go out and buy an expensive fax machine, not to mention endless bundles of copy paper or ink cartridges, use the Internet and save money. Think of all of the money you spend in a month just to supply your fax machine. Not to mention the cost of sending faxes locally or internationally and receiving them as well. Internet faxing is meant to put your mind at ease and save you from the hassle of having to buy all of these items.

Internet faxing allows you to upload the documents as attachments and send the documents instantly without any hassle; and since this service is powered by your e-mail address, you can send faxes from any place at any time. The convenience of sending a fax online means:

  • Knowing how much the fax will cost before you send it
  • Choosing your own fax number, which can be local, international or toll free
  • Having the freedom to travel without worrying about missing an important fax

Ways to Send Internet Faxes

There are three convenient ways to send a fax over the internet:

  • Mobile app - Our convenient mobile app allows you to snap a picture of the document you want to send, attach it to the fax form, enter the recipient's fax [email protected] and send the fax instantly.
  • Email - Turn your e-mail address into a virtual office where you can send, store and receive faxes. All you have to do is attach the document you want faxed, enter the recipient's fax [email protected] and click send. You'll instantly receive a fax confirmation, and if the recipient chooses to fax you back, you’ll receive it as an e-mail attachment.
  • Website - If you can’t access your e-mail or you don't have access to a smartphone, you can send faxes directly from our website. Simply sign up for an account, upload the document to be sent, enter the recipient's fax [email protected] and click send. Here, you’ll also receive an instant confirmation that your fax has been sent.